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Custom Server Install

Category : Networking News

We have recently worked with Munnings Software Solutions Ltd to help them expand their cloud hosting services, working as a contractor we installed their equipment in a local datacentre.

SwaleLife CIC

Category : Community WISP News

We have been working with Prof Ian Purves and his fellow directors to help them design and build a new WISP to serve Upper Swaledale.

On the 11th March 2019 the SwaleLife network build was completed, to find out more visit their website

CMS Network Rebuild

Category : Networking News

We have worked with CMS Medical to upgrade their corporate network and rationalise a network that had grown “ad-hoc” over several years. Using the latest Ubiquiti Unifi network kit, we designed and built a brand-new gigabit capable network to meet the needs of their business including the ability to have separate networks for their building tenants.

To avoid customer downtime, the work was completed over 3 weekends including a full handover meeting with their IT consultant who will be supporting them going forwards.

Stokesley Hotspot

Category : News WiFi

The new Free WiFi service in Stokesley went live Thursday 22nd February 2018!